Business in 2021 face many challenges, not least how they now manage their workspace.

Huge changes have taken place, both in terms of technology and in the mindset of the workforce. And this has huge ramifications for the office.

What will the new workplace look like and how can businesses change with the speed and flexibility that is needed?


One way of investing in your premises and workforce - and cushioning the financial blow - is working with a lease-purchase option.

Many offices are currently lying empty as team grapple with mute buttons, homeschooling and remote working.

But some sense of normality will return and your company will have to adapt to new needs and expectations.

With the Monday to Friday 9-5 now a distant memory, it’s unlikely your workforce will all be in the same place at the same time.

So how do you transform quickly to get maximum efficiency out of this new extra space, boosting productivity and creativity, and letting your teams work to their full potential?  


It can be a substantial investment, and Revive works with you to put together an efficient custom-built workspace, designed to suit your business.

And this extends to finance.  Instead of spending valuable capital upfront, you can take advantage of historically low interest rates and build a budget into a sensible timeframe.

A lease-purchase option on your office furniture gives you the flexibility to make changes that will have an impact now, while spreading the cost over a term that suits you.

And it gives you the freedom to reassess your business needs and adapt to a new working model that maximises the efficiencies of hybrid working.

You get the best equipment sourced at the best value and Revive can guide you in the reconfiguration of your workplace to suit that new business environment.


Gone are the cramped spaces, full of under-utilised equipment and poor storage in impractical lay-outs.

Employees will no longer visit the office to sit and work in solitude - they know they can do that at home. The office will be there to plug into the power of the team.

It will be used primarily to interact with others, communicating and creating, working together to achieve shared goals.

Flexibility and efficiency are key drivers in the 21st century office.

The trend is very much towards a less open plan feel, with more collaborative meeting space, sound-proofed booths for one-to-ones, and fewer desks with a higher proportion of hot desks.

A clever use of space has a huge impact and can reflect positively on the experience both staff and visitors have with your company.

Revive looks at your organisation’s particular needs and carefully crafts a solution that balances hot desks and home comforts, technology and team talks, and supports the team’s physical and mental wellbeing.

You’ll feel the benefits in the motivation and morale of the workforce and the boost to your company’s reputation.


With much more emphasis on mental wellness and healthy working environments, a well-thought-out design keeps your workforce safe and happy.

And all this also offers the opportunity to achieve some wider company goals at the same time.

Sustainability is a key goal in many organisations. Today’s eco-friendly options in office furniture can help you demonstrate your commitment to reducing the size of your carbon footprint.

Using Revive’s unique combination of quality and value, you can construct a bespoke environment that reflects your organisation.

So whether you’re moving to a new premises, or upgrading and maintaining existing areas, Revive connects you to a better solution.

It helps you face the future with a positive outlook and a plan, giving your business that much-needed boost to make the most of an uncertain environment.

Nothing says you mean business like an office that makes you go “wow”.