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Improving the Living Environment for the Offshore & Marine Industry

About Us

As the offshore environment continues to evolve, so will we, our purpose and mission is to Revive the dated installations into a more comfortable and pleasurable place to work and stay. It is apparent that the constraints of this current climate are affecting the workforce morale. Due to a change in shift rotations, extended periods of time are being spent away from home on tired, dated offshore installations with the average age being 30 years old.
Our aim is to Revive these weary vessels through creative careful design, comfortable solutions and make them a pleasure to work and live on. We believe that creating a “home away from home” atmosphere and providing better communication links, will help to alleviate the longing for home comforts and ultimately make for a happier more productive working environment.

All products offered by Revive are fully in line with the latest SOLAS and NORSOK standards with all components having the appropriate fire rated and IMO wheelmark certifications

Revive Offshore
25 Albyn Place
AB10 1UL

01224 594190